Oxygen therapy helps to increase the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream, enabling it to reach areas of the body that have been deprived of oxygen due to injury or illness. It reduces inflammation, speeds the healing process, and improves overall health and wellness.

Provides An Increased Amount Of Oxygen To Diseased And Hypoxic Tissues

Shortens The Recovery Time After Surgical, Dental And Aesthetic Medicine Procedures

Slows Down The Aging Process

Has A Stimulating Effect On The Immune System

Affects The Functioning Of The Nervous System And The Brain (Supports The Treatment Of Autism And ADHD, Alzheimer's And Parkinson's Diseases)

Increases The Efficiency Of The Body In Athletes And Enhances Performance, Speeding Up Recovery After Training/Competition

Accelerates The Elimination Of Carbon Monoxide

Improves The Ability To Remember And Concentrate

Increases The Number Of Stem Cells

Reduces Pain And Relaxes The Muscles

Improves Lung Function Cleanses The Body Of Toxins

Accelerates The Treatment Of Difficult-To-Heal Wounds

Has A Stimulating Effect On Fibroblasts, Which Are Responsible For The Synthesis Of, Among Others Collagen And Elastin, I.E. Fibers That Provide Skin Elasticity

Improves Blood Circulation, Supports The Work Of The Heart, Accelerates The Development Of New Blood Vessels

Supports The Body In The Fight Against Infections, Has A Bactericidal And Bacteriostatic Effect

Reduces Tissue Swelling And Fluid Loss

Fights Chronic Fatigue And Chronic Pain

Improves Sexual Performance And Promotes Its Maintenance

Accelerates Metabolic Changes

Affects The Growth And Proliferation Of Cancer Cells

Reduces Stress And Tension

Heals Infections