About Us

Anna outside the oxyzone office at finisklin, sligo, ireland

My name is Anna. I am passionate about OxyZone and the HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) experience. I would like to give you a little background information on myself and what led me to open the first HBOT chamber in the North West.

I  have a Certificate as a Low Pressure Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers operator. I also have a Masters in Engineering degree (MSc) which provides me an in depth understanding of the mechanics of the HBOT machine.

I was always fascinated by combination of engineering and natural ways of healing the human body and mind. That is what led me to becoming a Certified Advanced Pranic and Pranic Psychotherapy Healer.  I have found out that combining more than one approach is very beneficial to my overall health.

Over the years I have experienced very positive changes within my body while using both therapies. I have a condition which resulted in considerable pain and I discovered that I could get a lot of relief from the use of a HBOT chamber.

I have brought this innovative therapy to Sligo so you can can experience the health benefits of this interesting and beneficial therapy.

In co-operation with Barbara (as business advisor) we would like to welcome you to the FIRST FIRST COMMERCIAL OXYGEN THERAPY centre in Sligo!

the oxyzone office, finisklin, county Sligo

Barbara will be working with me in the business.

Barbara has a background in physical fitness. She did her Masters in P.E(Special Education Speciality). She also has a Diploma in Biological renewal specialization.

As a Zumba instructor she understands the heartbreak that comes with injuries and the importance of rapid effective treatment to get fit as soon as possible.She also works with people with disabilities. She knows how important not only physical but also mental wellbing is on top of social inclusion.She is also a Certificed Low Pressure Hyperbaric Chamber operator.

At your visit to the OxyZone Sligo  you will be provided with the highest quality of service.

To maintain high healthy standards we monitor the air quality on a daily basis, since the chambers are air pressurised.

On top of that, during your time at our studio we also monitor your blood pressure and level of blood oxygenation. (on your request).


Our goal is not only to improve your overall well-being but also to help you to relax and feel happier.


Our vision is to create safe space for our customers where they feel comfortable and welcome.